Add Photos

  1. Create or edit a Photo Page Type
  2. Find the Upload Image section

    Take note the maximum size of photos is 3000px x 3000px.

  3. Click Select Files and navigate to the location of your image files. You can shift click to add multiple photos. Once your photos are uploaded, you can click on them and move in any order.

Edit Photos

After you have uploaded your photos, you'll see their thumbnails in your Photo Page.

When you rollover a photo thumbnail you will see a link that says Edit Original at the top and Edit Thumbnail at the bottom.

To edit the photo, click on the Edit Original link and the below screen will open.

  • Crop - You will see a box surrounding your photo. Place your cursor anywhere along the edge of this box and drag. Click the Crop button to save the changes.
  • Rotate Left - This will rotate your image 90 degrees left each time the button is clicked.
  • Rotate Right - This will rotate your image 90 degrees right each time the button is clicked.
  • Flip Vertical - Rotates your image 180 degrees vertically each time clicked.
  • Flip Horizontal - Flips the image 180 degrees horizontally each time clicked.
  • Delete Image - Deletes image from your photo page but not your image library; so if you decide you want to add it back in you can.
  • Title - Change the title of your image.
  • Caption - Change the caption of your image.

If you click on the Edit Thumbnail link, the below screen will appear.

Click the gray boxes around the image ad drag to choose the section of your photo you'd like as your thumbnail. Note, the thumbnail will always be square.

Click Update The Thumbnail to save.

Instagram Feed

Add an Instagram Feed to your Photo Page and have any photos you upload to Instagram appear automatically.

Authorize Instagram

In order for your Instagram photos to appear on your site, you'll need to authorize your Instagram account in a Photo Page. Find the Add Instagram Feed section of your Photo Page and click the Authorize Account link.


Once you've authorized the account, you should see your Instagram photos appear in your Photos Page like so:

Add and Edit Instagram Photos

When you upload a photo to Instagram, it will appear on your Photo Page automatically, including the caption (click the image thumbnail while viewing your site to see the caption below the full image). Similarly, if you edit the caption or delete the photo, it will be updated on your site without you needing to do anything. See Instagram's Help Pages for information on how to upload, edit, and/or delete photos.

Instagram Settings

After you have added your Instagram Feed, you can adjust the settings by clicking the Edit Settings link under your Instagram user name on your Photo Page.

Here you can change the amount of the most recent photos that will be shown or you can Deauthorize your Instagram account to remove your Instagram photos.

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