Your products page is designed to advertise merchandise you have for sale. The idea behind this page-type is to establish information about your product, then you can easily add links to where your fans can purchase the product; such as links to CD Baby, iTunes, Amazon, etc.

Creating A Product

The first step is to obviously add a Products page to your list of pages if there isn't already one there. Once you click on your new products page to edit, you will get the opportunity to create a new product or import an existing product from your products library.

Click on "Create New Product" to start adding details about your product.

The "Import a Product" link is to import a product that you've already added to your products library but is not already on your products page.

Product Details

All you're looking to do here is give some basic information about the product. You have a:

  • Product/Item Name: Which will show up as the title of the product
  • Attributes: Which adds flavor text to the title, info about the product
  • Product/Item Description: Here is where you'd add any additional notes about your product you want to share.
  • Choose Image: Here is where you can upload an image of the product.

Once you've filled in those fields, Click on "Save" at the bottom.

Keep in mind these steps are done ONLY to establish a product of some kind. The next sections are for adding in links to your product!

Links to Product

Once you've saved the product details you can click "Store/Buy Links" then "Add a Link or Button" and you get something like this:

Now we're getting into setting up text links to your product. You have 3 major fields here in the link-maker section of your products page:

  • Link Title: This will be the text that makes your link (how it'll appear on your products page)
  • Link URL: This defines where your text link will go. You can leave this BLANK if you prefer not to have a text-link.
  • Link Description / Extended Details: Here, you can add images, or even embed widget/image links to your product.

Once done, click on "Save"

If you are selling your music at even MORE locations, you can simply add more links to this product by clicking "Add a Link or Button"!

How It Appears on Your Site

On your Products Page, you should see a post entry with your Product Title, Attributes, and general info of the product.

The title itself is a link ("My Awesome Album - 2CD pièce de résistance" in this example) to the purchase link(s) made.

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