Make A Link

Links serve two major purposes:

  • Provide easy navigation to pages and sites of interest
  • Offer opportunities to download content you want to share

They can also be either bits of text or even an image of your choice. Fortunately, setting up either link is SUPER easy with our Site Builder!

Linking tool

The HTML editor we provide has a tool for making links, and here are a couple examples of how you can use this tool.

Text Link

Let's say you have a chunk of text you'd like to make into a link.

The first step to making this happen is to log into your Site Builder, and start editing the page this text is on. In this case, it's on the home page:

You'll want to highlight the text you're interested (click and drag over the text to select), and then you'll click on the "Insert/Edit Link" tool in the toolbar.

A window will pop up and there are 2 major fields you'll want to fill in.

  • Link URL: Insert the URL you're wanting to link to. Just be sure to insert the entire URL - including http://
    (This also works for email addresses-- simply paste the complete email address in the LINK URL field)
  • Target: This controls how your link will behave - you can have the link either open in the same window, or open up in a new window all together!

Once you've inserted this information - be sure to hit "Insert" in the bottom left corner of the window.

You should now notice your text is underlined, and the color should be blue or purple. This means your text is now a link! Be sure to hit "Update" on this page to save your changes.

The text on your site is now be a link!

Image Link

Making an image link is a very similar process. You'll first need an image to make into a link on your site in the first place. You can easily add an image to your page by using the "Add Image" tool. For example:

The first step is to select the image you want to make into a link - simply left click on the image to get started:

White boxes should appear around your image once you've selected it, and you'll notice that the "Insert/edit link" tool becomes available. Go ahead and hit that icon.

Like the text link - insert a full link URL (or email address), choose your "Target" and hit Insert!

It's a bit tougher to tell that your image is made into a link - left click on it to select it. If you notice that both the "insert/edit" and "remove link" are highlighted like in this screenshot - you're all set with an image link! Again, be sure to hit "Update" at the bottom of the page to save your changes!

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