Site Title

The title area refers to the text and background of your website title. Here you can choose fonts, font-size, colors, and more for your Title. You can even upload your own background image.



  • Choose New Image:Guide you to the image library or upload one from your computer.
  • Use None: No image will be used
  • Use Default: Takes you back to the default image.

Image Repeat: By default, the background-image repeats an image both horizontally and vertically. Some images should be repeated only horizontally or verically, or they will look strange.

  • repeat: Will repeat an image both horizontally and vertically.
  • repeat x: Repeats image only horizontally.
  • repeat y: Repeats image only vertically.
  • no-repeat: The background image will not be repeated.

Visibility: You can choose hidden or visible for your title image.

LINKS: This effects the links in your TITLE only. Click on the box to drop down the color palette

  • Color: Choose a color from the drop down box or type in your hexagon web color number.

HOVERED LINKS: This is what you see when the mouse rolls over your title.

  • Background Color: This will affect the background of your title (possibly this is your band name or website name). Just click in this area to bring up the color palette. You can type in a web hexagon color OR click and drag the circle in the color palette.
  • no color: Click "no color" to make your background transparent.
  • Color: This will change the color of your title when the mouse rolls over it.

FONT: The font used for you title.

  • Typeface: Choose from a variety of font from this drop down menu.
  • Font Size: Talk about easy as pie! Just slide the bar to change the size of your font.
  • Font Style: Click on the drop down box to choose from italic, normal or oblique.
  • Font Weight: Click on the drop down box to choose from normal or bold.


Text Transform:

  • Normal: Defaults to how you typed the title in when you created the site.
  • UPPERCASE: All letters are capatalized.
  • Capitalize: The first letter of each word will be capitalized.
  • lowercase: All letters will be lowercase.
  • Color: The color your link will have when the mouse rolls over it.
  • Decoration: You can choose from a variety of font decoration choices.
  • None - Plain text.
  • Underline - The link will be underlined.
  • Overline - A line the length of the hyperlink will appear above it.
  • Line-through - A line will run through your link.
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