The Navigation Bar is your page menu. Here you can set specifics how your menu looks.

LINKS: This changes the color of your links in your menu bar.

  • Color: Choose from the drop down menu or type in your hexagon web color number.
  • Typeface: Choose from a variety of font from this drop down menu.
  • Decoration: You can choose from a variety of font decoration choices.
    • None - Plain text.
    • Underline - The link will be underlined.
    • Overline - A line the length of the hyperlink will appear above it.
    • Line-through - A line will run through your link.

Text Transform:

  • Normal: Defaults to how you typed the title in when you created the site.
  • UPPERCASE: All letters are capitalized.
  • Capitalize: The first letter of each word will be capitalized.
  • lowercase: All letters will be lowercase.


  • Background Color: The background of the box that surrounds your web site title.
  • no color: Click "no color" to make your background transparent.
  • Color: The color your link will have when the mouse rolls over it.
  • Decoration: This is the same as above.
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