The footer is the bottom area of your website. You can set background colors, upload an image, or change your font preferences. Edits here only effect the footer area.


  • Background Color: This changes the color of the footer area. Click in the drop down box area to bring up the color palette where you can choose a color or type in a web hexagon color number.
  • no color: Click to make your background transparent.

Paragraph: Choose the color you want for the text in your footer by clicking in the drop down box and choosing from the color palette or typing in a web hexagon number.

  • Font Weight: Click on the drop down box to choose from normal or bold.
  • Text Alignment: This is where you can align the text in the body of your website. Choose from align center, justify, left, or right.

Text Transform:

  • Normal: Defaults to how you typed the title in when you created the site.
  • UPPERCASE: All letters are capitalized.
  • Capitalize: The first letter of each word will be capitalized.
  • lowercase: All letters will be lowercase.
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