Code Snippet

The code snippet widget (say that 3 times fast) allows you to embed third party applications, buttons, players, and well...widgets. All you need is the code. For this tutorial, I'll install a Facebook like button.

  1. Add a code widget to your Header, Footer or sidebar (Usually only one or two of these widget areas are available in a particular template). Leave this window open.
  2. In a new window or tab, go to the site where your desired button or app resides and generate your Code. As an example, you can go to and setup a Facebook like button.
  3. Select the code shown to you so it is highlighted from beginning to end. Press Ctrl+C on your keyboard to copy the code.
  4. Toggle back to the Wizard. Now you can paste your code into the widget (Don't forget to name it).
  5. Click Save

Voila! Your code widget is activated.

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