Audio Player

The Audio Player Widget is a music player that will allow you to present songs you upload to your audio page in a widget. It comes in a variety of color variations and you can place this among your already existing widgets with ease!

The first step is to drag the new Audio widget to your widget section of choice.

Once you select where to place your widget, you should be prompted with this message. This allows you to make use of the playlist you may already be using with our "groovy" or "thinline" player (link to those wikis). Or you can simply start with a fresh new playlist!

You'll want to give this widget a title, like the other widgets you have here. Next, you'll want to Click on "Edit Playlist" to either create or check on / modify your playlist; Keep in mind the playlist draws from music uploaded to your audio page.

This section is represented in two sections :

  • Left Column: Your available songs to put on the playlist for the Audio Player Widget
  • Right Column: Your playlist - songs in this list represent the widget playlist on your site

There are multiple ways of managing your playlist from here,

  1. 'Song Selection' - You can click on a song title or the check-box next to a song to select it
  2. 'Add Selected' - This will Add the songs you've selected to your playlist
  3. 'Add All' - This will simply add your entire collection of songs available to your playlist
  4. 'Clear Selection' - This will clear out your selection of available songs
  5. 'Remove Selected' - This will remove songs you've got selected in the Playlist Column
  6. 'Remove All' - This will remove ALL the songs you have on the playlist
  7. 'Clear Selection' - This will clear out your selection of songs from your playlist
  8. 'Cancel' - This will Cancel your attempt to change your song playlist
  9. 'Save Playlist' - And this will Save your changes to your song playlist

If you prefer the click-and-drag method, you can click-and-drag songs from your Songs Available column into your playlist. This is also how you change the order of songs on your playlist as well, so click-and-drag away!

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