Make a Payment

When making a payment on your account, it is broken down into the domains you have setup with us, and then by charges against each domain.

After Clicking on "Make a Payment" from the navigation to the left of your members area, you should be presented with a screen that looks like the one above. It will list all of the domains you currently have added to your account. The column titled "Click Domain for Details" will take you into the payment history for each domain name on your account.

For a more detailed explanation and breakdown of what all of the information displayed on that screen means please read our article on Billing History.

The Balance column will display the current due against that domain. If you see this number in a negative (eg. -$20.00) That means you have a credit or pre-paid balance on file for the listed amount. Balances owed are always positive, credits are always negative.

The next column says "Enter Amount". That's where you can split up or assign your payment amount. For example, if we wanted to pay the balance on and we would place the amount of 12.99 in each of their respective enter amount boxes. Any account you don't want to pay needs to have its enter amount box set to "0.00".

Clicking Credit Card will open the Credit Cards information dialog box where you can input your credit card information, or make the payment from the credit card information you already have on file.

Clicking PayPal will take you to a PayPal payment login section where the rest of the transaction will process on PayPal's website.

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